• Song:

    Just The Beginning

  • Artist:

    Alexz Johnson

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Intro A E D x2
A                E 
Chase that dream down the highway
Don't care where
It's going my way
A           E
Sky on top, rain behind me
There's no looking back

Bm            A 
I want you to need me
Bm          A
Like I need you
Bm                     A            D
Never thought I'd find something so pure

A                  E
We thought we'd be somewhere else
We started a long time ago
A                  E        D
We thought we'd be anywhere else
A                     E
Don't think that it's over
Bm               D             E
I know that the world belongs to us
And it's just the beginning


(second verse the same as first)
My heart races a mile a minute
Some days get lost then you're in it
Hold my hand
Let's just chill a bit
See what lies ahead

You are the mirror
I see myself in
Never though I'd find so much within
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