• Song:

    Black Chamber

  • Artist:

    Blind Guardian

  • Album:

    Best From the Mystery S...

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OBS.: A m?sica ? dedilhada, mas eu resolvi colocar os acordes para facilitar.

E5   C5           D5         D5 D5
I am lost in the black chamber
           E5     C5       D5 D5 D5
There's no way to turn it back
E5   C5      D5 D5 D5
There's still life 
     E5    C5   D5 D5
in a diferent world
   A5       F5     E5
It takes me down forevermore
    A5          F5     E5
And death could be so sweet
A5        F5           E5
A dancing gnome in an empty room
  A5        F5        E5
A cruel and painful game

A5               F5 
I'm possessed by the old creature
E5                           E5
Who had planned to take my soul

Too late for me
In my hands
It liest I thought
But I failed
Now he's in me
My soul is lost
In his black chamber
I'm gone
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