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From: ericb@ecr.mu.oz.au (Enrico_Giuseppe BETTIO)
Subject: TAB: Concrete Blonde

for this one, I put alot of emphasis on the bass notes
I havent spent years on it or anything but this is
how I think it might go:

CARRY ME AWAY- Concrete Blonde

  Am    Em        C        G      Am
Today I went and bought myself a bottle
                 G                  Am
Like we used to do, reminded me of you.

  Am     Em     C        G       Am
Today I saw a train roll by the river
                  G                   Am
Blowing off its steam, reminded me of me

  G                                    Am
That's when I threw the bottle in the river,
  G                                    Am    G   C   Em
That's when I started running for the train.

         Am      Em       C      G     Am
There's nothing that you need I cant deliver
           G              Am
Carry me away, carry me away

            Am       Em       C      G
Think it's seven or nine California time
        Am                                                        G
He who said he(it) was a small one(world) was either a liar or a fool,

'cos its not true.

          Am         Em          C       G
And the promises we make are as easy to break
As the plastic people on a wedding cake
         G             Am
So says you, to know I do.

For the next part, play G and Am like this:
(I saw him do it this way in concert)

  G                N.C.    Am

play the G and C bass notes with your ring finger

G      N.C.          Am
	 I hear you thinking
G      N.C.        Am  G  C  Em
	 From far away

I just a-keep-on lyin' and cryin' and tryin' and drinkin'
I'm gonna carry me away, carry me away

	 If you think about me
         From far away

I hope you find her with me or without me
carry me away, carry me away...etc..fade out

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