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#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
Subject: TAB: Concrete Blonde-When You Smile

Hi folks,
   Welcome to todays edition of
   "Conrete Blonde for the practicing musician"

This is my interpretation of "When You Smile" off the album
"Mexican Moon" so there are no guarantees but it sounds good
to me.


I dreamed last night I was born a hundred.....
... 'cos I could lose everything in a minute or two, yeah

     A                  G              A         A
Its not ????? you can stop the years behind..

The A and G above are played something like this:

  A                       G
E|----------------|     E|----------------|
B|----------------|     B|----------------|
G|----------------|     G|----------------|
D|-----7-5--------|     D|-------5--------|
A|---7------------|     A|---5------------|
E|-5--------------|     E|-3---3----------|

the A and G repeat over much of the song.

chorus:  (With Distortion)
	   D5   A5   C5                G5
When you smile,   I don't know what to do
	     D5         A5        C5        G5
Cos I could lose everything in a minute or two
	A5            C5          E5      G5
And it seems like the end of the world
	  A(as in the intro)
When you smile..

 for those that dont know, D5,A5,C5,etc are just
 power chords:   D5  x577xx
		 A5  577xxx
		 C5  x355xx
		 G5  355xxx
		 E5  022xxx

In the chorus Jim sometimes hits the open strings
in his trasnsitions from one chord to another,eg:

    D5        A5
	It doesnt look like much
	but it adds a bit of oomph!

Happy playing everyone.
Bye for now
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