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From: ericb@arkaroo1.ecr.mu.oz.au (Enrico_Giuseppe BETTIO)
Subject: Re: REQ:  Concrete Blonde!

I have been trying to work out some songs and I posted a few a while ago,
If you or anyone else out there could help me work some stuff out that
would be cool (the chords to the chorus of Rain would be cool. I know
the intro) Failing that, just tell me any favourites and if I know them
I'll send them to you
Heres one for today off 'FREE'. This is what I posted a while ago,
I think I would like to add to it a little but that will have to wait

LITTLE CONVERSATIONS      by Concrete Blonde
--------------------      off the album FREE
	   transcribed by ericb@ecr.mu.oz.au

Heres a song I think sounds pretty good on an accoustic
I show in tab how to play the C-G-Am pattern in the verses
Use your ring finger to do the C and G bass notes in the Am part
I used to think he only was playing C bass notes but I gave it
another listen to last night and I think he throws the odd
G-bass note in
I'm not too sure about the fills but theyre close enough to
keep me happy.

   verse rhythm
      C    G    Am
	 ^not first time

fill 1
    p     p

end fill
    p     p     p

     C      G     Am         C     G    Am
The little conversation, was over very soon
       C       G    Am             F             G
And I watch in admiration from my corner of the room
	   C       G        Am
And they shine on me with starry eyes
	  C       G        Am
And they rain a friendly storm
      C     G        Am
Like kids around a christmas tree
	       F                 G
And then you smile all nice and warm

       F            G             C           Am
These little conversations, if I try my very best
	    F               G           C           Am (fill 1)
You know I never could say anything in 20 words or less
  F                 G                  C            Am
Somewhere sometime down the line, someday I may confess
	     F          G
and tell you all, thats all

The little conversations on me are very rough
They leave me all in pieces
You know theres never time enough
Its like a book with missing pages
A story incomplete
Its like a painting left unfinished
It feels like not enough to eat - starving..

You know these little conversations
Well for me they'll never do
Now what am I supposed to do
With broken sentences of you
I'll stay in my corner
Cos thats all that I can do
Let the others think for me
 F            G          C Am
Little conversations are we
                         C G Am   C G Am
                       Are we   C G Am
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