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Date: Thu, 17 Aug 1995 11:48:36 -0700 (PDT)
From: Scott Alan Cushman 
Subject: end_of_the_line by concrete_blonde

"End of the Line"
	by Concrete Blonde
	  -off the "Mexican Moon" album
	  -a Roxy Music cover

	Intro:  [barred] Eb(7), Gb(7), Bb, Db...(sevenths are optional)

	  F			C     F    		      C
	Take a walk out in the rain, call you time and time again...
	  Bb            C	     F	      C
	Everything is wrong, you've gone
	  F			C       F			      C
	Reached the point of no return, the more I see you the more I stand alone
	  Bb	   G   C      F        C
	I see the end of the line.
	  Bb		Eb	 Bb	      Eb
	Were you ever lonely, mystified, and blue
	  Cm	   F	      Ab	  	  Bb
	Realizing only your number's up, you're through...

	Bridge:  (pretty much just the same chords as from the beginning
	  up to the part where it says "Were you ever...")

	  Bb		  Eb	  Bb		   Eb
	Had my share of winning, now's my time to lose
	  Cm		  F	       Ab		  Bb
	After a failed beginning, the game's up, you're through...

 	(Intro again)

	  F			C      F		      C
	Take a walk out in the storm, got no love to keep me warm inside...
	  Bb	   C	      F
	I see the end of the line
	  F			  C	F		    C
	Now's the time to take a dive, take a magic carpet ride...
	  Bb           G       C     F		C
	Everything is wrong, you've gone
	  Bb	     G		F		     C
	If you ever miss me, if I should cross your mind
	  Bb		      G
	You'll know where to find me
		  F		C	   F
	I'll be waiting at the end of the line.

	(the outro is just F with some key solo notes in it)
	  (It might change to Bb a couple times in the outro too)

	-scott cushman
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