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    Conor Oberst And The Mystic Valley Band

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Alright, so - I know this isn't a CO&MVB song, but there's no solo Conor band here 
to put this in.
This is my first tab. I did my best to work out the chords from the main youtube 
video that's going around of Conor playing this and You Are Your Mom's, which is 
here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfW5cYIIqHc.
For the lyrics I did my best to work out what they were from a bootleg with better audio.

NOTE: There are a number of places where the lyrics are most likely wrong (but I 
did pretty well with the U.S city names seeing as I'm from Australia) so I'm sorry. 

Please comment and lemme know how I did :) email issues or suggestions to 

KICK - Conor Oberst

Standard Tuning - CAPO on 2nd Fret (all chords relative to capo)

One chord I don't know (Marked as F*:    e|  0
                                         B|  2
                                         G|  3
                                         D|  4
                                         A|  0
                                         E|  0


  D                    E7      A
Kick, you know you're still a kid
           D        E7        A
And your diets too full of additives.
  D                E7          A            F#
Passed out on the couch with ashes in your mouth
   Bm7                            E7
Dreaming that you're hopping the fence.
       D                E7       A
This world must have it out for you
          D           E7           A
From the shores of Montauk up to Malibu.
      D             E7             A           F#
The trappings of a name that you never could escape,
        Bm7                       E7
These people want to live in the past.
       Bm7                       E7
Some golden age that they never had.

I thought we lost that Camelot
I thought we lost that Camelot
Some children story we forgot,
F*           Bm   E7
Grew old so long ago.

  D               E7      A
Kick its hard to make a friend
       D                 E7        A
In a world that's this cruel and partisan.
     D                E7           A            F#
But you should go in style to Stockholm for a while,
  Bm7                   E7
Live outside oblivions lense.

   D                    E7     A
Someday you'll have a fine divorce,
       D        E7       A
and a cemetery plot in Hyannisport.
      D                   E7              A       F#
Next time you close your eyes on that helicopter ride,
    Bm7                        E7
I hope you see it isn't your fault.
    Bm7                        E7
I hope you know it isn't your fault.

I thought we shot that Camelot
I thought they shot that Camelot
Whoever shot this movie stop
F*               Bm         E7
B wrote; said the show must go.        - This line is probably the most wrong

FILL: A        A?(finger on B-string up to the 3rd fret)

Lying in the office on an old chaise-lounge
Listening to the doctor drone.
 D                                Dm
No therapeutic feeling once the shock wears's off,
 A7                   E7
Answer every question 'no'.

Hiding in the hammock with the shades pulled down
Wondering if the story's broke.
  D                        Dm
Tragedy is profit once the word gets out,
  A7                     E7
Tabloids at the country store.

Searching on the tables once the bar's closed down,
said somebody stole your phone.
 D                                       Dm
Now there's no-one to talk to but these trust-fund drunks,
 A7                         E7
You should have brought a chaperone.

Well Kick, I'd love to help you but I just don't count,
Friendship makes you paranoid.
 D                                Dm
I don't believe in curses, but I just might now.
 A7                   E7
I never really had a choice.
           F*             Dm
Just like all your broken toys.


     D                    E7      A
Well Kick, you know this life is rich.
       D                E7       A
But pleasure's not the same as happiness.
     D             E7               A              F#
But if you don't collide with the traffic in your mind,
    Bm7                             E7
I think you'll find your way out of this.
    Bm7                          E7
I hope you find your way out of this.


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