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In And Out Of the Shadows

A6 (x04xxx@1)                      Bm7In (x20202@1)and out of the shadows at the highway of mistakes
     E7 (020130@1)                                      AWhen (x02220@1)you get down, you get down to nowhere you pay respects
   E7 (020130@1)To higher stakes

A6 (x04xxx@1)                      Bm7In (x20202@1)and out of the shadows fake a smile and don't complain
E7 (020130@1)                         A (x02220@1) 
Try and try not to take everything that you 
     E7 (020130@1)              A6That (x04xxx@1)see in vain, that see in vain

C#7 (x4342x@1)                 A6 (x04xxx@1)        C#7 (x4342x@1)                  
Oh that scream in the middle of a dream. 
A6 (x04xxx@1)                 C#7 (x4342x@1)    B7 (x21202@1)       E7 (020130@1) 
Tell me what does it mean for you or for anybody

In and out of the shadows baby you ain't gonna fold
Even though somebody came and told you the world has long
Been bought and sold

Instrumental verse + Chorus

In and out of the shadows there ain't no place that you can hide
But you can try, try to be humble in your pride
Deep inside, deep inside

by: Jos? Duarte

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