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This is an oldie but goodie.  easy to play.
GHere's (320003@1)my story its sad but true
Emabout (022000@1)a girl that I once knew
Cshe (x32010@1)took my love and ran around 
Dwith (xx0232@1)every single guy in town

Then do the hep hep's and go into the song with these four chords played in loop.
GI (320003@1)should'a known it from the very start 
Emthis (022000@1)girl'd leave me with a broken heart
CListen (x32010@1)people when I'm tellin' you
Dkeep (xx0232@1)away from a Runaround Sue.

do the woh woah woaaah's 

always the same four chords.  If you want you can do the Dsus thing each time
you play the D chord at the end of the loop.

I missed her lips and the smile on her face
the touch of her hand and that girl's warm embrace
if you don't wanna cry like I do 
Keep away from the Runaround Sue

She likes to travel around 
Yeah she's got a love that'll put you down
People let me put you right 
Cause Sue goes out with other guys yeah

The moral and the story from a guy who knows
I fell in love and my love still grows 
ask any fool that she ever knew 
I'd keep away from a runaround Sue

then the woah's again

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