• Song:

    Hold Out A Hand

  • Artist:

    Edwin McCain

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"Hold Out a Hand"  
by Edwin McCain and Maia Sharp 

Capo 1

C - 032010
F - 003210
G - 320033
Am - 002210
C/B - 002010
Dm - 000231

Intro:  F G C
        Am C/B C F G G 

Verses 1 & 2:        
               Am       C/B   C      F      G
        I'm as flawed as any man could ever be
                   Am       C/B  C        F          G 
        There were chances to be kind that slipped by me
         Am      C/B  C            F     G       C 
        When I finally drop my claims of innocence and face the blame
              Am   C/B   C      F      G
        I can rise to my responsibility

Chorus:  C     F    G
      To Hold Out a Hand
      Till It finds another
              C       G
      And we begin to repair
          C                F        G
      Don't believe there's too much pain
      To ever recover
               C            G      Am C/B C F G 
      Just take care of each other

      Dm                                   G
      Common kindness doesn't have to be so rare
      Dm                                     G
      We're not giving up a thing to just take care
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