• Song:

    Barrel Of A Gun

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    2003-06-28: Tower Reco...

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From: Matthew Brock  
Subject: g/guster/barrel_of_a_gun.crd 

Ok, first time effort here, but I thought the song was really catchy and  
decided to try and get it down for anyone interested.  As usual, this is  
just my interpretation -- this is what my ears heard, but they could always  
be wrong.  Also, I don't know the names for all the chords, so while the  
chords listed below are correct, the names might not be.  Those marked  
with a '?' use my own naming convention. 

---Matthew Brock--- 
Chords used: 

Bbm:   688666 
?A# Off:  666666 
Bb:       688766 
F#:   244322 
C#:   446664 
?C# Off:  446644 
Abm:   466444 
Ab:   466544 
Eb:       668886 
?D# Off:  668866 
B:        224442 
B Off:    224422 
F:        133211 

I believe the electric guitar in the song is playing some of the chords  
higher, (especially the F# and C#), so transpose to your liking.   
As you can see above, most of the song is played near the middle of  
the guitar, so try to avoid playing low transpositions like A#m = [x13321].   
Here are some other suggestions that sound right, but could get painful if  
you're trying with an acoustic: 

F#: 9-9-11-11-11-9 
C#: 9-11-11-10-9-9 

Bbm - ?Bb Off 
(x 4) 

Main Verse: 
Bbm - F# - (C#) - Bbm 
A#m - ?D# Off - (A# Off) - A#m 
(x 2) 

Little diddy riff before chorus: 

F# - C# - (?C# Off) - G#m - B - (B Off)   x 2 

Bb - Ab - Eb - F 
(x 2) 

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