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Dm x4

Verse I:
Dm               Am            Dm
Looks like these afternoons of revery are through

Dm              Bb                Am               Dm
What's left for me to say, what's left for me to do?

C9                       Dm
Float along and feel the water on my back

C9         A7               Dm
Try not to sink down to the bottom

Verse II:
Dm        Am              Dm
Hollow my head, it echoes like a wooden drum

Dm           Bb               Am              Dm
Peel back my skin and make my ribs a xylophone

C9                      Dm
Feel the water rise and fall between my bones

C9            A7               Dm           Dm          C
And then just sink down to the bottom

F             Gm     F          Gm       F
It's a simple love affair, dangerous and true

    Dm            C                          F
Her arms are all around, reaching out for you

F             Gm     F                      Gm      F
She's a siren in the night, with streaks of red and blue

    Dm                 C                                 Bb
And though you've disappeared, you know she will get you through

Bb                    Dm
She'll come to the rescue

Instrumental Interlude: (repeat chords to verse)

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Instrumental Interlude

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