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Artist: Guster

From the Album:

Song Title:

Transcribed by Clark

Guitar 1: Standard Tuning 
Guitar 2: Standard Tuning + Capo 7th Fret

Intro:  Capo guitar plays 9 measures of A (but you should 
really play D with respect to the capo), while guitar 2 
plays only the bottom two strings of the following barre
chords (one measure per chord):

A  E  F#min  D  A  E  F#min  D  D

(then both guitars start in on the song's main chords, 
capoed guitar playing)
D, A Bm9, G (half A measure each):

{A  E  F#min  D}  x2

verse:(A gets 1.5 beats, E gets 2.5 beats, 
F#min get 1.5 beats, D gets 2.5beats)

A        E         F#min     D              A   E  F#min
Ahhhhhhhhhhh gaping wound tells the story of it all
                  A        E                  F#min     D
A man lost only to find what was left of his mind
             A             E          F#min     D
with no hope of a scar at all
A    E     F#min     D
you say go slow
A                E             F#min     D
But somethin's right behind    me
A             E         F#min     D
Can run away for only so long
    A            E         F#min       D
It will not stop, I will come down,

(each chord now gets one measure)
A         E                       F#min
 oh no, Let me find my way
D                            A
I'll take you to the edge
 E                      F#min
Go  across that window
And I'll carry you there.
A                      E
Ohhhhhh, when nothin' goes right.
F#min               D                           A
Ohhhhhh, when days don't come to night
Ohhhhhh, when all I see
   F#min                 D
Is the error of  my own enemy

(then go back to to introB where both
 guitars play chords together.)

Song repeats the same thing through next verse, and guitars 
jam on the intro for a while at the end.
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