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This basics for the song Jonah by Guster, an extra track off the deluxe version of Easy 
Wonderful. This is my first tab, don't kill me if it isn't 100% accurate.

Lead Intro:

Rhythm Intro:
  D             E               G              D

Bass Intro Riff (Playable as a lead part):


Verse/Chorus Chords
       D            E
I was down for the count
         G            D
Without any real way out
         D        E
In this new submarine
           G               D
Like the whale of Jonah's dreams
     D    Dsus  D    Dsus   D   A
And what   if   I   should rise up
      D    Dsus  D    Dsus   A
From sev - eral  fa - thoms too
   Bm        F#m         G        D         A
A scar on my soul and a humbling tale of a world
      A            D    E   G   D
That swallowed me whole
              D     E    G    D
Swallowed me whole

D                       D
I was asleep while the angels were weeping
     D                  D
And racing below me to cushion my fall


|-5---5----------7---7----------10----10---------------------------| X2

Hope this tab was helpful! On the bridge it might be best to pick through the strings 
and mess around with Dsus and other variants. Also the solo is slightly dumbed down but 
its gets the job done.
Any comments can be directed to jbray3179@aim.com
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