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  • Artist:

    Jason Aldean

  • Album:

    Night Train

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Written by Thomas Rhett, Luke Laird & Barry Dean
Recorded by Jason Aldean
Album: Night Train (2012)

(No Capo)

Intro.:  |(Em) / / / |(Am) / (G)(F#)| x 2

Now girl (Em) I know you used to the (Em/B)same old same
But we ain't (Am)floatin' that boat, no we ain't (G)ridin' that (F#)train
Hop on (Em) my rocket ship and let's get (Em/B)outta here
Let me (Am)put a little shimmer in your (G)atmos-(F#)phere

Now let's get (Em)outta this town, (Em/B)outta this club
Girl what-(Am)ever you're sippin' I'ma (G)mix it up
(F#)Take a few (Em)tick-tocks off of your (Em/B)clock
Put a little (Am)Third Rock in your hip-(G)hop, I (F#)got that

(Chorus 1)
(Em)Nine-teen (Em/B)ninety-four, (Am)Joe Diffie comin' out my (G)radi-(F#)o
I'm just a (Em)country boy with a (Em/B)farmer's tan
So (Am)help me, girl, I'll be your (G)Pick-Up (F#)Man

(Chorus 2)
How 'bout a (Em)night to remember and a (Em/B)fifth of Goose
'Bout to (Am)bust out my honky-tonk (G)atti-(F#)tude
A little (Em)feel good you ain't never (Em/B)felt before
I'm talkin' (Am)nine-teen (G)ninety-(F#)four

Hey, (Em) Joe, Joe, (Em/B) Joe Diffie, (Am) Joe, Joe, (G) Joe (F#)Diffie
(Em) Joe, Joe, (Em/B)Joe Diffie (Am) (G) (F#)

Girl, don't (Em) you worry, now your ship (Em/B)just came in
So go on (Am) tell your mama, tell (G)all your friends (F#)
That your (Em)new favorite color is (Em/B)John Deere green
Hop in this (Am)truck aka (G)Time Ma-(F#)chine

Repeat Chorus 1, 2 and Bridge

(Em)Baby if you're lookin' for a (Em/B)good time
Let me (Am)take you to the C-O-U-N-(G)T-R-(F#)Y
Now baby (Em)let's go, (Em/B)holler if you're with me
Hey (Am)Joe, come on and (G)teach us how to (F#)Diffie

Repeat Chorus 1, 2

Hey, (Em) Joe, Joe, (Em/B) Joe Diffie, (Am) Joe, Joe, (G) Joe (F#)Diffie
(Em) Joe, Joe, (Em/B)Joe Diffie, will the (Am)real Joe Diffie, (G)please stand (F#)up ---

Outro.:  |(Em) / / / |(Am) / (G)(F#)| x repeat times
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