• Song:

    Hick Town

  • Artist:

    Jason Aldean

intro -c# em  f#m
Oh, you like the way that sounds?
c#                                      em f#m
Little Jimmy Jackson is jackin' up his Bronco.
c#                                                em f#m
He's gonna lay a little rubber later on at the truck pull
c#                                                                em    f#m
An' all the girls are getting' pretty... they're sprayin' on the White Rain.
c#                                                        em   f#m
Yeah, they're gonna get a rowdy tonight down at the football game.

c#             em f#m 
Yeah, we let it rip when we got the money...
Let it roll if we got the gas.
                                              b a# g# em f#m 
It gets wild, yeah, but that's the way we get down,
In a Hicktown.

Well, you can see the neighbors butt crack nailing on his shingles,
An' his woman's' smokin' Pall Mall's watchin' Laura Ingalls.
An' Granny's getting' lit, she's headin' out to bingo.
Yeah, my buddies an' me are goin' muddin' down on Blue Hole Road.

You know, you know, (chorus)

[Instrumental Break]
(Oh, stand on it.)

We hear folks in the city party in Martini Bars,
An' they like to show off in their fancy foreign cars.
Out here in the boondocks we buy beer at Amoco,
An' crank our Kraco speakers with that country radio.


oh we aint finished yet
Got your country boys and your redneck girls
It's the party heard round the world
        em f#m 
Right here in Hicktown
c#                       em f#m
                     In Hicktown
c#                           em f#m
The whole town's getting down
c#                          em f#m
                      In Hicktown
Yeah, in Hicktown
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