• Song:

    Youre The Love I Wanna Be In

  • Artist:

    Jason Aldean

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Jason Aldean
You're The Love I Wanna Be In

G            D/F#
I've always been there
      F                Em (WALKUP)
Everytime he lets you down
G              D/F#            F                 Em (WALKUP)
I caught your falling tears before they hit the ground
    G             D/F#
And I just heard somebody say 
        F                    Em (walkup)
That you finally told him goodbye
G                    D/F#
Girl now you finally made your move
F                     C
Now i'm here to make mine

G               Csus4              G
I wanna be there when you wake up
Be more than just your friend
G        Csus4             Am
Baby there's no mistaken
You're the love I wanna be in

I kept my feelings under lock and key
Couldn't let you see them
Even though it was killing me
You can't imagine all the time I spent
Wishing you were mine
I just know if we ever kissed
We'd go crazy, baby
For the rest of our lives

(to chorus)

SOLO Chords
C, G/B, C, D

(to chorus)
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