• Song:

    Wheels Rollin

  • Artist:

    Jason Aldean

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The song is comprised of 3 chords,C,Bb, and F
   C             Bb              F
e-----         e-----         e-----|
B-----         B-----         B-----|
D--5--         D--3--         D-----|
G--5--         G--3--         G--3--|
A--3--         A--1--         A--3--|
E-----         E-----         E--1--|

The chords go C then Bb then F then back to Bb.

Occaisionally the chords go C then Bb then F then to C

This song is played by simply playing thes chords at a few different speeds with the 
chorus and verses.

This was "Wheels Rollin'" off of Jason Aldean's album "Night Train". Tabbed by "Al", 
sent into www.ultimate-guitar.com

Have fun jammin' away at this great song! Thanks!
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