• Song:

    When The River Meets The Sea

  • Artist:

    John Denver

  • Album:

    A Christmas Together

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When The River Meets The Sea Chords by John Denver

{title:When The River Meets The Sea}
{st:John Denver}

{c:Time Signature: 3/4}

[E] [B] [A] [A/G#] [A/F#] [E]

When the [E]mountain touches the [E7]valley, all the [A]clouds are taught to fly
As our [E]souls will leave this land most peaceful[B]ly [B7]
Though our [E]minds be filled with questions in our [A]hearts we'll under[F#7]stand
When the [E]river [B]meets the [A]sea [A/G#] [A/F#] [E]

Like a [E]flower that has [E7]blossomed in the [A]dry and barren sand
We are [E]born and born again most graceful[B]ly [B7]
Thus the [E]winds of time will take us with a [A]sure and steady [F#7]hand
When the [E]river [B]meets the [A]sea [A/G#] [A/F#] [E]

[A]Patience my brothers and [E]patience my son
In that [F#7}sweet and final hour
Truth and [B]justice will be done

Like a [E]baby when it is [E7]sleeping in it's [A]loving mother's arms
What a [E]newborn baby dreams is a myster[B]y [B7]
But his [E]life will find a purpose and in [A]time he'll under[F#7]stand
When the [E]river [B]meets the [A]sea [A/G#] [A/F#] [E]
When the [E]river [B]meets the [A]al[A/G#]migh[A/F#]ty [E]sea
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