• Song:

    Murder On My Mind

  • Artist:

    Josh Ritter

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Ok so the song is pretty simple just uses
the D G and A and follows the same chord structure 
through most of the song cept for the second and third verse...
but even then its not that big a deviation! 
This was Josh's first song and my first tab so if there are any mistakes I'm sorry!

Murder On My Mind 
I'm awful sad to say 
That my partner died last week 
And I'm so shook up inside, 
G                   A 
I can barely even speak, 
I don't know how he died 
G                       G 
It all came as such a shock...... 
But i suspect he started feeling ill 
A                       D 
When i hit him with a rock 

We where partners in a claim 
Up in gold hill Idaho, 
And we'd yet to find something 
G                  A 
Golden except the yellow snow,(first song) 
D                            G 
My partner joe god bless his soul 
 A                    D 
Had hit the mother load 
"Well I'll use my gold" said my partner Joe 
To get my education 
And if any is left when I am through 
G                       A 
I'll give it to sick children 
Well i thought that Joe was crazy 
G                           G 
For to hear him talk like that..... 
So i decided it was best for joe 
A                    D 
If he took a little nap 

So i picked up a big old piece of gold, 
And I hit joe on the head, 
And joe shut his weary eyes, 
G                          A
And lay down on the rocky bed, 
"you take some rest my faithful friend" 
Said i as joe lay down
And let me load this wagon 
G                             A
With the gold that you have found. 

(This is my first song I'm not proud)

So like the true friend that i was 
I loaded up the ore 
While my partner joe lay silently 
sleeping on the floor 
And when the gold was loaded 
And i was set to get to town..... 
I tried to wake my sleepy friend 
But he refused to come around. 

"Well if that don't wake you up, 
I know something that just might" 
Said I as i lit up 
A few sticks of dynamite, 
I settle down and waited, 
For them to wake Joe from his dream.... 
But alas i put the sticks to close and Joe blew to smithereens, 

And if Joes luck wasnt bad enough 
He lay close toe the mine, 
And when the dynamite went off, 
he was covered by mountain slime, 
Alas said I "all evidence 
Is gone of poor Joe's life.... 
All that left is a ton of gold 
And a little less dynamite, 

So now Joe rests in pieces, 
And i on a water bed, 
But it doesnt bother me a bit, 
That my partner joe is dead, 
For while some people might say 
That miner got the shaft.....(first song) 
I'm the only one that knows 
That Old Joe had a blast 

Hope it sounds ok!
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