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    Take Me Away

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    Stanley Climbfall (No W...

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song: take me away (acoustic)
artist: lifehouse

standard tunning

note: when you play the Asus2 you can play it on the 2nd
fret or the 5th fret, whichever is easier for you.  this
seems to be the easiest way. :)

chords used:
E - 022100
Asus2 - 002200
Asus2** - 544300
C#m - x46650
B - 799877
G#m - 466444
F#m - 244322
A - 577655

verse - E  Asus2  C#m  Asus2
pre chorus - B  B  C#m  Asus  Asus
chorus - E  Bsus  C#m  Asus  Bsus
bridge - G#m  A  G#m  F#m  G#m  A  G#m  Asus

      E   Asus2          C#m
This time all I want is you

Asus2            E
There is no one else

Asus2              C#m  Asus2
Who can take your place 

      E        Asus2              C#m
This time you burned me with your eyes

    Asus2             E
You see past all the lies

    Asus2        C#m   Asus2
You take it all away

(pre chorus)
      B                    B
I've seen it all and it's never enough

          C#m               Asus2
it keeps leaving me needing you

Take me away  
Bsus        C#m
   Take me away

Asus**      Bsus         E 
I've got nothing left to say

Bsus             C#m
  Just take me away

Asus**  Bsus  E (into verse 2...)

G#m                    A
  Don't give up on me yet

         G#m        F#m
Don't forget who I am

G#m                     A
  I know I'm not there yet

          G#m               Asus2 
But don't let me stay here alone


questions/comments - xstandclimbfall@aol.com
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