The whole song is played with a capo on the first fret. Well, not really but it makes 
song a bit easier. All chords are relative to the capo. The Em at the end I'm not really 
about, but just play around with it. Enjoy!

Chords used

Bbm7     Ebm7    B       F        C     Dm      Em

E|-X    E|-X    E|-1    E|-1    E|-X    E|-X    E|-0-|
A|-0    A|-0    A|-1    A|-3    A|-3    A|-0    A|-2-|
D|-2    D|-0    D|-3    D|-3    D|-2    D|-0    D|-2-|
G|-0    G|-2    G|-3    G|-2    G|-0    G|-2    G|-0-|
B|-1    B|-1    B|-3    B|-1    B|-1    B|-3    B|-0-|
E|-1    E|-1    E|-1    E|-1    E|-0    E|-1    E|-0-|


Bbm7  Ebm7


B    F    C    Dm

Solo(coming Soon)

End on Em.
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