• Song:

    Philly Cream Cheese Commercial - Spread A Little Love

  • Artist:

    Misc Television

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Great jingle from the philly cream cheese commercial....nice ring to it....played in key
of G with capo on 4th fret....different variations can be performed by moving capo to
3rd or 5th fret....this one sounds pretty good though.express any ideas or better tabs 
please....want it to sound good...comments always welcome....enjoy

(G)                                          (Bm)            (C)
Spread a little love today, spread a little love myyyyyyyyyyy way, spread a

(D)                 (G)        (G)(barre)      (G)                   B7
little something to remember. Spread a little joy and see you need a little

             (C)           (D)      (G)     (D)     (C)            (D)
happiness to be livin the life with meeeeeeeee, so spread a little something

    (G) ring out
to remember
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