• Song:

    From California

  • Artist:

    New Amsterdams

  • Album:

    2005-02-11: El Torreon ...

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From California Chords by New Amsterdams

This song is piano, but pick these chords and it sounds fine.

G C D Em C

     G                                 C
Uncommon amount of the time at home, hardly a word on the telephone. 
 D                            Em  C
Finally find the time to get to know you. 
Still mapping it out like a master plan, 
something to do with my idle hands. 
                D               Em   C
Write you a letter addressed from California. 

G C D Em C
It's vivid and strong in my memory, 
an absence that smacks of abandoning. 
   D                                 Em         C
It let to the battle that ultimately destroyed us. 
I'm nothing if I don't know your mistakes, 
the pill is as bitter as I can take. 
    D                                    Em   C
It twists like a blade when I leave for California. 

G F Em D C B A G
La da la la da da
I hope that you know this is killing me, 
it's all in the name of the family. 
       D                            Em   C
We only can play the cards the dealer dealt us. 
     G                                    C
The end of the cycle is closing in, with you I see new hope begin again.
      D                               Em  C
There suddenly seems to be promise in California. 

G F Em D C B A G
La da la la da da

G                       F 
As heavy as all this is weighing me, 
  Em                      D
believe in the words I am promising. 
 C  B     A         G
I'm still here for her. 
  G                    F
The distance is only an obstacle, 
  Em                 D
hardly a match for a miracle. 
  C   B     A                 G
I'm finally ready to go to California.
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