• Song:

    Pre-medicated Murder

  • Artist:

    No Use For A Name

  • Album:

    Hard Rock Bottom

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                     PRE-MEDICATED MURDER - No Use For A Name
Tabbed by: Glorny
Email: glorny@fahr-zur-hoelle.org

Ab              Eb              B                  C#
More times than five, I've been right here by your side.
      E                         B   Eb
Still wondering...where did you go?
Ab            Eb        B          C#
Walk down the hall in a mental menacle;
      E                F#
Don't want to be round, when you take yourself out.

B                           F#
But I have more vigour than this.
            Ab                 Eb
Step to the plate to swing and miss.
           B     F#    Ab   B
And it's a complicated life,
             C#              E
When how you live is how you die.

Ab              Eb          B          C#
Looks like your soul is connected to a wall.
  E                        B   Eb
A photograph stands by the bed,
Ab        Eb             B                 C#
Of better times, when we crumbled with our spine,
    E                  F#
But lived the next day, and put the malice away.

B                             F#
And that's when I noticed the drip,
            Ab               Eb
Ignored the line that didn't skip.
              B       F#    Ab  B
It seemed the blue suburban sky
          C#             E
Turned to grey, polluted night.

B                            F#
So now you sleep inside the space.
         Ab                    Eb
A bed of roses, the thorns are placed.
B       F#        Ab    B         C#
No more sleepless nights, just for me,
          E             B
But as for you, the memory. 

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