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    Lovesexy: 1988-09-09: D...

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by Prince (now known as O(+>, The Artist)
from the album 1999
original bass player on the album: none other then O(+> himself
original bass player in concerts at that time:  Dez
arranged for bass tab by Jean-Michel Baker

here is 1999 by The Artist from his Prince days, most of the Revolution play
on this album.
this song sounds better played an 8ve lower, which can b done by using an
upright bass setting on a digital mixer through an amp, but it really doesn't
make that much of a difference.

this is how i play the intro.   if u went an extended intro add the 2nd part
on2 the end of the 1st.

    w +  h + q   s s  s s   w+w         2nd part:      w+h  + q   s  s s s
w+q   q  h
A| 3  |--3----3-------1----| 3 | 3 |                         A| 3
|--3----3-------1---| 3 |--3--r--r |
E |     |-----------r- 3----3 |    |    |                         E |
|-----------r- 3---3 |    |              |

verse riff:
this is how i play the verse.

      q   s   e  e   s  e   s  s  s   s
D|------3--3-----3--3--1----------  |
A|--------------------------3--1--0-|   repeated as much as needed
E |--1---------1--------------------- |

1 of my friends Nsists that it is played another slightly more complex way.
which i may post if anyone wants me 2.

on the album the chorus is played a few different ways. only the first 2
measures r different each time, so i'm not going 2 recopy the 3rd measure
every time

the first way:                           3rd measure
      q  q  q   q      q  q  q   q     q   s   e  e   s  e   s   s  s  s
E |----------------|----------------|--1---------1---------------------|

the 2nd way:
      e e e e  e e e e     e  e e e e e e e
A|--1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-|-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-|      3rd measure
E |----------------------|---------------------|

the 3rd way:

G |----3---3---3---3-|----7---7---7---7-|
D|--------------------|--------------------|    3rd measure
E |--------------------|--------------------|

NE questions, comments, etc... emale me @     okesalot@aol.com
soon 2 come "movie Star" from the crystal ball album.
if anybody knows any other O(+> songs that r not posted, please post them.
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