• Song:

    Damn U

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  • Album:

    The Love Symbol Album

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Damn U
by Prince from "Love Symbol Album" (1992)

Bm9/E	        Dmaj7      Amaj9
            Damn U          You’re so fine

Dmaj7			       Amaj9	
Seems to happen to me each and every time 

	F#m	B9
We make love  I can’t hold back

	 F#m                              B9
Its like having a hundred million little heart attacks

     Bm7     Bbmaj9	     Amaj9		
Damn U        Baby you’re so fine                  

Damn……..etc second verse and solo

Ab7	          C#m7			
Like animals just born to breed

Ab7                                    C#m7
Come to think about you baby you’re my only need

       Bm7	    C#m7
I’m on fire till you come and put me out

Bm7/E				  No Chord 	
All I’m trying to say is that my psychedelic shouts

Chords (EADGBE)
Bm9/E		F#m		B9		
020222	        244222	        76767x

Dmaj7 		Bm7		Bbmaj9
xx0222	        797777	        6576xx (or x1321x)

Amaj9		Ab7		C#m7
x02424	        464574	        x46454

Bm7		No Chord
X24232	        xxxxxx (hehe)

Transcribed by FunknFresh
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