• Song:

    There Is Lonely

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  • Album:

    The Vault - Old Friends...

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There is Lonely
by Prince

      Ebm           Bb7            Ebm
Is it me or did the room just get darker?
Is it me or did I just lay down and die?
	  Ebm		   Bb7                Abm7
Is this a dream or did the world just crumble at my very feet?
	 Ebm          Bb7     Abm7     Ebm
How in heaven will I ever be alright?

	  Ebm    Bb7		      Ebm
There is lonely          and there is lonely
                  Ebm    Bb7		        Ebm
And then there is how               I feel right now
	      Ebm             Bb7        Abm7
Perhaps only Cain when he’d slain his brother
		  Ebm   Bb7                Abm7     Ebm
Could ever come close            to knowing how

-Guitar solo (I will figure it out later and add it in here)

-Repeat verse and chorus

Ebm		Bb7		Abm7
-6        -6        -4-|
-7        -9        -4-|
-8        -7        -4-|
-8        -6        -4-|
-6        -8        -6-|
-x		-6		-4

This is just me tryin to figure out this song by ear so it may not be right but I think 
pretty close anyway. It is played on piano in the song. There are some guitar parts 
I will include when I figure out the solo.

Interpretation by FunknFresh
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