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    One Kiss At A Time

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One Kiss at a Time
from Emancipation (1996)
by Prince

This is my own interpretation done "by ear". I think it sounds alright. This is the song 
for guitar.

       F(addG)	              Am7
Oh, I see this is what U wanted

Cm7          Bbmaj7   Bbm(maj7)
One kiss at a time
          F(addG)         Am7
(I got 2 be) I got 2 be up on it

     Cm7           Bbmaj7   Bbm(maj7)
If I want 2 make U mine

Verse 1
F(addG)     Am7       Cm7              Bbmaj7   Bbm(maj7)
   This is something every girl should know

F(addG)            Am7          Cm7           Bbmaj7 
   Every part of U comes alive when U take it slow

F(addG)                           Am7
   And every nervous twitch that happens

Cm7               Bbmaj7   Bbm(maj7)
when my tongue is there

F(addG)                     Am7
Your lips, up and down your back and

Cm7          Bbmaj7   Bbm(maj7)
every single hair

  Abmaj7            Bbm7
It all makes up the beauty

Cm7           C#maj7
Of your grand design

Gm7				 C#?
  Every man has got a duty, and 2night I want 2 do mine

Verse 2 (same as Verse 1)
This is something every man should see
Give your woman what she wants and give her what she needs (What she
needs {x3})
Ask her in a whisper that only 2 can hear
What can I do, what can I say, baby? Forget your every single fear
Slowly I pull your strap down and touch you as if to heal
Layer by layer, inch by inch, till your true love is revealed

   C#maj7	   Ebm7
If every man could love their woman

    Dmaj7	     C
The way that I love you

Time would stop

N.C.		  C7 (and two Riffs)
And the sky would fall

    Bbm	              Bbm7  C7
And all could see the glory

Amaj7/F	        D?
That true love could be, that’s what I see

NC       Bbsus2    F
Ohhhh,     I	   see

Outro (same as verses)

Guitar parts

Riff 1 (transcribed for guitar)

Bass riff (“Sky would fall” part) - transcribed for guitar

Bass riff cont’d (notes match sung syllables)
..and all could see the glory……”

“Seagull” guitar Riff

Chords (EADGBE)

Am7 (x02013)
Cm7 (x35323)
Bbmaj7 (x13231)
Bbm(maj7) (xx3221)
Abmaj7 (4655xx)
Bbm7 (x13121)
C#maj7 (x46564)
Gm7 (353333)
C#? (x4566x)
Ebm7 (x68676)
C (x32010)
C# (x4666x)
Bbm (x13321)
Bbm7 (x13121)
C7 (x32310)
Amaj7/F (1x101x)
Bbsus2 (x13311)
F (133211)
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