Runrig - Our Earth Was Once Green

Capo on 3rd fret.


Am, Am, G, Am

Across the skies the monuments stand
             C          G          Am
Shrines of wonder, man worshipping man
           Am                       C    G   Am
Computer ethics mock a dying land

Down below like rats in a cage
             C          G          Am
Success, survival, two needles in hay
             Am                       C   G    Am
It's Romans One facing Satan's stare

G    C  
But mountains
Are holy places
Am             F
And beauty is free
         C     F
We can still walk
    C         G   
Through the garden
Our earth was once green

Am, Am, G, Am

VERSE 2 + 3
[Play Same chords from verse 1]


(Played over the 'Hi i hi i hi i hi i' verse)

C, G, Am, Am


Pull down the forests we need more wood
Extend the grazing we need more food
Burning our bridges before the flood

Out on the oceans where it's relatively safe
It's not so easy being big as a whale
We're all in a race on a bigger scale

Homosapien, I've had enough
Homosapien, I'm giving up
At best your wisdom's a shot in the dark

So make yourself pretty, make yourself rich
Leopardskin, sealskin, money and sex
Apartheid, genocide, thalidomide, life
It's your choice
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