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Runrig - The Old Boys

No Capo

Intro:  F

The old Boys
Are all leaving
    Dm   F      C
Leaving one by one
        F              Am
Where young birds go flying
    F        Dm        C
Spread your wings and run
     Gm       Dm
But over the fields
        Bb       C
By the drystone walls
    F          Gm  C   F
An eagle will come no more

(Repeat for other verses)

Were the headlands
St Valery behind
No medals worth wasting
On memories of sand
But sweet is the breeze
Over Raasay
The morning awaits you there

What kind
Of heroes
Here for us now
Where leaders, stone preachers
Minnows on flow
But low hang the lights
Over Viewfield
And this night will day see no more.
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