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Runrig - Precious Years

Intro: E

      E   B   C#m  A        B          E
It's all over now, no more summers in heaven
       E        B   C#m       F#m             A    B
After World War Two wed and a life of ups and downs
E   B      C#m   A       B      E
 I see it now, precious even on paper
   E       B         C#m           F#m         B          E  
A young man and his bride and the man to make time stand still

E          A                           E
But now I know and I don't want to believe it
Where does it leave you now
That the precious years are gone


E, A, E, A  (repeat)

Verse Two (same chords as verse one)
All things remain to ignore and outlive you
From the man in the moon to the greenhills outside your door
Alone you came so alone you must go now
There's no mountain on earth can ever outlive your soul


I know you well, you'll be nothing but grateful
Never let it be said they were spent in thoughtless ways
Warm winds blow 'cross the ties that bind forever
For a place in the sun and for the hearts of love a home


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