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Runrig - That Final Mile


G, G, C, D    x4

G          D       C     D
We grew up in the spaces
G          D          C
Where the four winds blow
G              D         C
We left these glens and valleys
D                G
Traitors to the plough

G              D        C      D
We thought we knew the answers
G           D       C
thought we had it made
G          D           C
We kissed down in the city
D                 G
Swore we'd never change


G, C, D, G, C, D

G, C, Em, D

We grew up young
And we played the years
Em                     Bm
Held out for love like it was fire
Now I can't wait any longer
G    D/F#  Em
Down that line
          C         G
Going to walk with you
      C     G      G
That final mile

[Same chords used for the rest of the verses]

Today there's gold an your finger
Today you're dressed in white
Today we stand alone together
Proud of you for life

Now the hurt is gone
Now the doubt is gone
I'm walking down
A clearway to your heart 

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