• Song:

    Billy And Bonnie

  • Artist:

    Steve Earle

  • Album:

    I Feel Alright

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artist: Steve Earle
number: Billy And Bonnie
album: I Feel Alright 1996
tabbed by Jurre ( skateboard_rules_1@hotmail.com for wuestions and corrections about this tab )

I hope that those chords are allright....

(G)Billy was 17 and (C)mean as (G)hell (C G)

Bonnie said she was 30, it was (D)hard to (G)tell (D G) 

Billy met Bonnie on A (C)Saturday (G)night (C G)

At the dirt track races, it was (D)love at first (G)sight 

Bonnie was wilder than the (C)west wind (G)blows (C G) 

Taught Billy every single (D)thing he (G)knows (D G) 

But she never told billy what (C)she left (G)out (C G)

The part about the trouble when your (D)times runs (G)out (D G) 

When the thrill is (C)gone, when your deal goes (G)south (C G)

It's all over when your (C)time runs (G)out (C G)

Other verses continue the same.

Bonnie said, "Billy, don't you think it's time 
We moved on a little further down the line" 
So they knocked off a Texaco south of town 
Blew down the highway with the ragtop down 
Billy woke Bonnie up about first light 
Said, "You drive honey, I've been up all night" 
Now Billy wasn't sweatin' no APB 
'Cause they didn't leave a single soul alive to see 
The boy was just 16, made his mama proud 
That don't mean nothin' when your time runs out 

Bonnie kept pushin' that Cadillac 
Billy passed out with the seat reared back 
Slept through Louisiana, then just past dark 
Bonnie pulled over in a roadside park 
Left Billy sleeping and she called the cops 
He never knew nothin' when the dime was dropped 
Bonnie knew what she had to do 
She called the sheriff and she cried on cue 
And the state police rousted Billy out 
He was dreaming about Bonnie when his time ran out 

The sheriff told Billy, "Boy, you're bound to die 
'Cause this young lady's gonna testify 
That you done took her off against her will 
And she told us about the robbery and the boy you killed" 
The judge said, "Billy, what you got to say 
Before I have the sheriff carry you away" 
Billy looked Bonnie right in the eye 
But he didn't even have to ask her why 
But he turned around as they led him out 
He said, "I'll see you down in hell when your time runs out"
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