• Song:

    Darlin Commit Me

  • Artist:

    Steve Earle

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darlin im beggin, down on my knees
darlin im pleadin, insanity
you sign the papers, i'll gladly go
G                                   D
darlin commit me, and i cant take it no more

i'd be so happy, and you would be too
you'd have my money, and i'd have my own room
go call the judge girl, lord no need to wait
darlin commit me before its too late
and it'd be so peaceful
it'd be so quiet
         G                 C       D     G
aint no clock to punch no time no day no night
no books about it
no checks to bounce
     D (hold)
just four warn, rubled walls and no way out

so i'll lock up my body, set my soul free
                       D          G
darlin commit me and swallow the key

i know you miss me but theres, no need to greave
you get the parts and the baskets i weave
i said that im dead girl, people talk so they know
darlin commit me and no one will know

wont have to worry no more girl
i been looney bin
hey play parcheezy, ill play with my looney friend
wont have to comb my hair girl
i wont have to shave
i wont have to race the guy next door
to see whos the first one in his grave

ive been so frantic, with all the psychotic chew
darlin commit me its the least you can do x2

Ok, I have been searching for the chords to this song for the last year and have been
and this is now officially the FIRST posted chord for this song on the internet. I know
of you have been snooping for it, and here it is. I love this song, and if you have been 
enough to hear it, PLAY IT!
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