• Song:

    Valentines Day

  • Artist:

    Steve Earle

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From the album "I Feel Alright", Warner Bros.
transcribed by Grayson Bot.

A                  C#
I come to you with empty hands
D               A  
I guess I just forgot again
Dm              A      
I only got my love to send
E7/Ab          A    E7/Ab
On Valentine's Day

A              C#
I ain't got a card to sign
D                A
Roses have been hard to find
Dm                A        F#m
I only hope that you'll be mine
D   E7/Ab      A
On Valentine's Day

  D           A/C#         E7/Ab       A
I know that I swore that I wouldn't forget
D              A       C#        F#m   E7/Ab
I wrote it all down, I lost it I guess

A                  C#       
There's so much I want to say
D                       A
But all the words just slip away
Dm                  A     F#m
The way you love me every day
D   E7/Ab      A
Is Valentine's Day

D          A/C#       E7/Ab    A 
If I could I would deliver to you
D            A               C#         F#m   E7/Ab
Diamonds and gold, it's the least I can do

A                    C#
So if you'll take my IOU
D               A
I could make it up to you
Dm                   A          F#m
Until then I hope my heart will do
D    C#         F#m   E
For Valentine's Day
D        E7/Ab   A
For Valentine's Day


   A     A/C#    C#     D      Dm     E    E7/Ab   F#m
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