• Song:

    Harlan Man

  • Artist:

    Steve Earle

  • Album:

    Just an American Boy (d...

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D     C  G/B D
1, I'm a Harlan Man
G                                D
Went down in the mine when I was barely grown
It was easy  then
A           D
'Cause I didn't know what I know now
C   G/B D
But I'm a family  man
G                                D
And it's the only life that I've ever known
C  G/B D
But I'm a Harlan Man
A        D
Just as long as my luck and lungs hold out


2, I'm a mountain man
Born in east Kentucky and here I'll stay
And if it's the good Lord's plan
I'll wake up in the mornin' and find
I'm lookin' at the end
Of another long week and I can draw my pay
'Cause I'm a Harlan Man
Never catch me whinin' cause I ain't that kind


3, I'm a union man
Just like my daddy and all my kin
I took a union stand
No matter what the company said
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