• Song:

    Come With Me

  • Artist:

    Tammy Wynette

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A5              E5                      A5              
If you?re in a valley with a troubled mind
      B5                      E5
I?m a mountain, come on and climb
Cause you look to good to be so down
              B5                           E5
It don?t take much babe, to turn it all around

E5                       F#5        
Come with me, come with me
              B5                    E5
The feeling's free, just come with me
We'll head on a cloud, ridin' high
          B5             E5  
Say hello sun as we sail by

I'll take you where you've never been before
Once we're there you'll cry for more
So if it's dark in your world come walk in mine
My love is alive, babe, is on all the time

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