• Song:

    Carry My Cross

  • Artist:

    Third Day

  • Album:

    Wherever You Are

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Carry My Cross: Third Day

Capo: 2nd fret
Intro: Em Em/C D Am

    Em            Em/C                D                Am
As long as I remember I?ve been walking through the wilderness
 Em              Em/C          D           Am  
Praying to the Father and waiting for my time
 C                        G           D                Am           Em Em/C   D    Am
I?ve come here with a mission and soon I?ll give my life for this world

   Em               Em/C               D        Am
I?m praying in the garden and I?m looking for a miracle
  Em              Em/C                 D       Am
I find the journey hard but it?s the reason I was born
C                 G                  D                  Am         Em  Em/C    D   Am
Can this cup be passed on Lord, I pray your will be done in this world

                    C                      G
So I?ll carry my cross and I carry the shame
                     D                                Am 
To the end of the road through the struggle and pain
         Am/B     C                       Em
And I?ll do it for love no it wont be in vain
                    D  Am                        Em
Yes, I carry my cross and I carry the shame

  Em           E/C                 D                Am
I feel like I?m alone here and I?m treated like a criminal
     Em                  Em/C          D                 Am
The time has come for me now even though I?ve done no wrong
 C                   G              D                       Am          Em Em/C  D Am    
Father please forgive them they know not what they?ve done in this world
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