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    Third Day

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The melody of this song can sound difficult, but it actually seems fairly simple. The 
are all the same variation of the Em A C D progression, and the chorus is the C G Em D 
occasionally taking out the Em. There's more to the song that I may add later. Or 
someone else can add it.

Em         A          C           D

   Em                    A
I'm ready for the winds to change
   C                      D
I'm ready for a brighter day
  Em                    A                       C
I'm ready for the sun to shine down on me
  Em                    A
I'm waiting for a song to sing
  C                       D
I'm looking for a brand new thing
 Em                    A                       C
I'm ready now to live a life that I believe

                   C                              G
I want the world to turn because of love
            Em                   D
And mercy to find each of us
  C                         G                   D
Doing what we can to just believe
                C                                  G
I want the world to know that You're the One
          Em                      D
Who fills me up and gives me hope
         C                   G                                     D
And brings about this change that's in me
    C            G             D
Oh yeah, I'm ready, yeah
   C            G              D
You know I'm ready now
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