• Song:

    Dont Say Goodbye

  • Artist:

    Third Day

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Intro:G, Am7/D, G/D, Am7/D

Verse: (same chords for each verse)
G              Am7/D G/D Am7/D         G        Am7/D G/D Am7/D
Look outside the autumn leaves are falling 
G              Am7/D G/D Am7/D         G        Am7/D G/D Am7/D
deep inside you hear the road is calling 
       C              Fmaj7/C         C             Fmaj7/C
and i know you want to walk away and leave it all behind you're 
running from nothing  (goes into verse 2)

Am    G/B C     Am         G/B  C                  F    D
I___________ I hate to see you leave without a fight_______

G              Am            C                 D                  G
Time will open doors for you wishes spent make dreams come true i promise 
          Am                D
i'll be there don't say goodbye

Chords:(read vertically)
 Am7/D  G/D  Fmaj7/C   G/B
xx--O- xx---- x---O- x-----
xx-O-- xx---- x-OO-- xO----
xx---O xx---O xO---- x----O
xx---- xx---- x----- x-----
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