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    Third Day

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Verse: (Same chords for each verse)
D                        D/G                 D                         D/G
It seems like i've run out of second chances and they sentenced me to die 
D                       D/G            D
 and i was just like a dead man walking i was running out of time 

G           A           Bm    Asus4    G          A            Bm        C>C2
 But you came to me and opened my eyes and you gave to me a brand new life

D         Bm      Asus4                D         Bm   Asus4  
 I am innocent and i have been set free i no longer have chains around my 
   D          Bm  Asus4            G            Asus4   A7   D
feet now no matter where i go or what they say i am innocent

Weird Chords:
D/G     C2
-x---- x---O-
-x-O-O x-----
Ox--O- xO----
-x---- x-----
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