• Song:

    Over And Over

  • Artist:

    Turin Brakes

  • Album:

    Over and Over (disc 1)

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B5          D5     
  life isnt always easy
G5         F#5 
  this we know my friends
B5              D5
  i thought you knew where to go
G5                        F#5          
  but you were following me
  so lets get lost in space
  i feel displaced
G5               F#5
  im stuck in a rat race
        B5            D5
  its a lovely day to lose your way
G5                    F#5
  and get stuck in a lo-o-o-o-p


ocer and over again       }
                          }x4 with the same chords and pattern
you can never make it stop}

the other verses and choruses are pretty much the same. if any one can see any probs
please let me know. enjoy  SQ05
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