• Song:

    Best Damn Friend

  • Artist:

    Barenaked Ladies

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-Standard Tuning-

-Capo 2nd Fret-

Cadd9: x32033
G:     320033
D:     xx0232

Cadd9, G, D, G, D (x2)

[Verse 1]
Talk was cheap
      G                        D          
'Till I started talking to professionals
G        D        Cadd9
     Not my first leap,
     G                           D         G
This atheist could have used confessional
D       Cadd9    G                        D       G
Sown, so reap; allow me to lead you in devotional
D        Cadd9    G                          D
While you weep, imagine the man whose more emotional.

And we'll go
I'll be your hero
I'll be your man
             G         D               Cadd9
I'll be your best damn friend 'til the end
Sixty to zero
Get up and then
             G         D
I'll be your best damn friend again

Cadd9, G, D
G, D, Cadd9

[Verse 2]
Actions speak
Louder, but only when they're spoken to
It's not weak to remake amends the way I've chosen to
Hide and seek
And somewhere ahead we'll find a way to trust
It make look bleak
So I'll just imagine for the both of us

[Chorus] (x2)

[Instrumental] (x2)
Cadd9, G, D
G, D

[Chorus] (x2)
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