• Song:

    Call And Answer

  • Artist:

    Barenaked Ladies

  • Album:

    Play Everywhere for Eve...

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Call and Answer
Barenaked Ladies
Transcribed by the staceass 

the jist is as follows:
the verse is a chord stucture that bounces back from D to G for a
then they through in a descending bit starting with Bm, then leading to
and ending on A.
the really pick people out there can use A7, whichever you prefer.
the chorus stars on G and goes to D, and ends on A(7).
Original, eh? Okay not really.
the instrumenetal starts with Em, and you just play with the bass 
the bridge goes G, Gm, D, Bm, repeats and ends off with another D, onto

which you rebuild...
not too difficult.


D   G        D               G
I think It's getting to the point where i can
D           G
be myself again
D   G        D               G
I think it's getting to the point where we have
D           G
almost made amends
D   G        Bm              Bb
I think it's getting to the point that is the
A (7 fr.)
hardest part

                        G           D
CHORUS:     And if you call I will answer
                        G                 D
            And if you fall I'll pick you up
                        G            D
            And if you court thsi disaster
                            A (7 fr.)                D
            I'll point you home, I'll point you home.

You think I only think about you when we're
both in the same room
You think I'm only here to witness the
remains of love exhumed
You think I'm here to play the game of
who loves more than who                 CHORUS


You think it's only fair to do what's best
for you and you alone
You think it's only fair to do the same to me
when i'm not home
I think it's time to make this something that is
more than only fair                     CHORUS

BRIDGE:             G                Gm
                I'm warning you don't ever do
                       D               Bm
                Those crazy messed up things that you do
                        G           Gm
                If you ever do I promise you
                     D                Bm
                I'll be the first to crucify you
                Now it's time to prove
                            Gm                  D
                That you've come back here to Rebuild....


so there it is. the phrase of the day is listen and learn,
cuz that's usally what works best.
as far as i'm concerned, this is pretty much acurate,
but if you really want to, feel free to send any criticisms
or admissions of adorations to staceass@hotmail.com.
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