• Song:

    How Long

  • Artist:

    Barenaked Ladies

  • Album:

    All In Good Time

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Fairly easy song here.

Standard Tuning

No Capo

The chords are played as follows:
Dbdim7: x4535x
Bb:     x1333x
F:      134211
C:      x32010
F/A:    x03xxx

Dbdim7, Bb, F (x2)

[Verse 1]
Dbdim7              Bb
So, give it up for anger
It makes us strong
Dbdim7                 Bb
I maybe just meant to thank her
strong and wrong

C              Bb
Don't say how long
Don't say how long
How long

[Verse 2]
We never discuss the notches
We just fight away
Even a busted watch is right twice a day

[Chorus] (x2)            

Bb F/A Bb  F/A  Bb  F/A  C
I know you know how it   feels
Bb F/A Bb  F/A  Bb  F/A  C
I know you know it's for reals
Bb F/A Bb  F/A  Bb  F/A  Bb
I know you know I know you...
So don't say it!

Dbdim7, Bb, F (x2)

[Verse 3]
That's what it takes to go there
On and on
You make a good case for nowhere
So that's where I've gone

[Chorus] (x3)

C, Bb, F (x2)
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