• Song:

    I Know

  • Artist:

    Barenaked Ladies

  • Album:

    Born on a Pirate Ship

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Artist: Barenaked Ladies
Song: I Know
Composer: Ed Robertson
Album: Born on a Pirate Ship (1996)
E-mail: josh.ligier@yahoo.com

AmMaj7: X02110
BmMaj7: X24332

G      Fmaj7 G
I know why I like you, 
Fmaj7              G
It's cause of your clothing
Fmaj7    G
And your haircut
G (mute)
And 'cause you're racist

G      Fmaj7    G
I have a match, your face
Fmaj7         G
My asking you questions
Fmaj7     G
You can't answer
You wanna box me?

Am        AmMaj7   Am7        Am6
Our world works in mysterious ways
     Am    AmMaj7     Am7       Am6
They say a man with a beard may frighten
Am          AmMaj7      Am7      Am6     
Children or dogs, but a mustache scares me more

A      Gmaj7   A
I know why you bite me
Gmaj7              A
It's cause of your instincts
Gmaj7    A
And your canines
A (mute)
And 'cause I kicked you

A      G      A
I have a bone to pick
G                A
Please go on the paper
G               A
And fetch me my slippers
D5 (mute)
And stop meowing

Bm         BmMaj7          Bm7      Bm6
Man's best friend wags his tail and bares his 
Bm           BmMaj7       Bm7      Bm6
Teeth to the man with the mail and though he's
Bm            BmMaj7      Bm7           Bm6     
Frightened of thunder, he never goes to war

B7                       F#m             B7
Tell me what's the circumstance of circumsision
E7                                A7                E7
And what happens in my daughter's pants, is whose descision
B7                     F#m
I've seen the facts, of inter-race relations
B7                     F#m
Of see-through slacks, and cyber-masturbation
E7                                A7
If one hundred monkeys each could have their own show
Perhaps one day a chimp might say
"You have faith, you just need to use it sayeth the lord"

G      Fmaj7 G
I know why I like you, 
Fmaj7              G
It's cause of your sandals
Fmaj7    G
And your supper
G (mute)
And 'cause you're JESUS

G      Fmaj7    G
I have a match; your dad
Fmaj7           G
My dad has your picture
Fmaj7              G
Right next to your mother's
And one of Charo

Am        AmMaj7      Am7    Am6
They hold hands up in heaven and they
Am        AmMaj7        Am7   Am6
Say their son's name is Kevin but I
Am        AmMaj7         Am7      Am6     
Read in a book somewhere that his name is
A                    G
Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack x2
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