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    Barenaked Ladies

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One of my personal favorites from BNL's Christmas album, "Barenaked For The Holidays".

-Standard Tuning-

-No Capo-

-Chords played as follows:-
C:     x32010
D:     xx0232
Gsus4: 3x0013
G:     320033
F:     133211
Em7:   022033
D/F#:  200230
A:     x02220
G/B:   x20033

C, D, Gsus4, G (x2)

[Verse 1]
                           C       D
I followed footprints in the snow,
                      Gsus4              G
Never knowing if I was right behind you,
                    C           D
Looking down no one would know,
                         Gsus4           G
I wasn't walking hand in hand beside you.

                          C       D
For your footprints lead the way,
                           Gsus4               G
To a hearth where hearts we made surround you,
                       C      D
You're awash in all its glow,
                    Gsus4           G
And I'm still standing in the snow.

[Verse 2]
I stood and watched the lights go out,
While the snowflakes settled all around me,
And though it filled my heart with doubt,
Couldn't move and this is where you found me.

As our footprints disappear,
Snow erasing how I came to be here,
I've got nowhere else to go,
                 F          Em7
Now you're standing in the snow.

D/F#   G   A   G/B   F               Em7
Look  for  un--der---standing in the snow,
D/F#   G    A   G/B   F               Em7
You   look just out---standing in the snow,
Gsus4                G
Standing in the snow.

C, D, Gsus4, G (x4)

[Verse 3]
Now it's almost Christmas Eve,
And I'm surrounded with the sound of laughter,
To give is better than to deceive,
For I received a happy ever after.

You might have left me in the cold,
A fitting ending for the fool that I was,
But you'd be cuddled up alone,
And I'd still be standing in the snow.

C, D, Gsus4, G
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