• Song:

    Glitter And Gold

  • Artist:

    Everly Brothers

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Glitter and Gold
Intro: Gm7 C7  Gm7 C7

F                 Bb     
Girl, I know what he can give you
F            Eb
Every single day you live 
    Bb              C               F       Csus4 C
You will be wearing Paris gowns and diamond rings

F                Bb  
There is nothing he can't buy you
F             Eb
And I can not tell a lie
    Bb                  C                F     Ab  Bb
You know with me you'll never have those things

Bb              F                 Eb    
But glitter and gold (Glitter and gold)
          Bb                C7
Never can keep you warm at night
            F                 Eb    
Glitter and gold (Glitter and gold)
          Bb                   C7
Never can make the wrong love right
Girl, you're gonna find
       Gm7                 C7             F
You'll have my sweet sweet lovin' on your mind

You'll be eatin' caviar
And riding in a chauffeured car
And all your friends will say, “How lucky can she be?”

He'll be keepin' you in style
But, you'll remember all the while
The happiness you used to have with me

Chorus +:
            F                 Eb
Glitter and gold (Glitter and gold)
Glitter and gold (Glitter and gold)...

by: José Duarte
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