• Song:

    Jack Daniels Old No 7

  • Artist:

    Everly Brothers

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Jack Daniels Old No. 7
G                             C
A woman wrings her hands and cries “I've lost my man”
G                               C
You should-a seen him roll the diesel 'cross the land
D                          C
Now you'll find him up on Lynchburg, Tennessee
Bm                        C
Collecting bottles in his old dungarees
              Bm        A                             D 
At the Silver Dollar Saloon, gonna break him out here soon

G             Em
Jack Daniel's Old No 7
G                   C
Tennessee sour-mash whiskey (repeat)
Bogie Bogart cried, “Lauren, let's sail to sea,
And when I'm dyin' have another drink for me”
Now you’ll find him up on Lynchburg all the time
They keep him waiting, at the end of the line
At the honky-tonky parade


PS: Don Everly's solo song

by: José Duarte
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